Wednesday, May 29, 2002

I got an LJ I got an LJ :) Because the blog kept saying "page not found" :-Þ" I may keep it though...if it ends up working I will, wait why would I? I am not making annnyyyy sense. In this Beautiful Madness <--- my LJ (yes you can be nosey...what's the point of having one if you want it to be private?)

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I am so mad my stupid Blog won't work :: cries :: meh.
:: dances and prances ::
Erm, apparently I switched the template :: shields self from blows :: I'M SORRY!!! I am such a dork, I will elaborate LATER....anyhow do you want it to be switched back?
I am INSANE with bordem....I still have to post some things for Politika...I think they are essays. Sally gave whatever it was to me a long time ago, I don't even remember what it was. That's OK, I'll do it sometime. Welcome Anna! HELP I don't know how to NOT post as leon...erm :: gulp :: I am bored. Why aren't we doing an investigation in history class? I was *ACTUALLY* looking foward to it. He hates us all :: sniffle ::

Saturday, April 20, 2002

EXCELLENT! This works...unedited and uncensored ranting and raving fun....heh heh heh....Sally Caulfield you have no idea as to what kind of power you've put into dear Anna's hands.....hehehehehehe...... ;-)

Sorry if these get all posted, i'm still figuring out how to work this damned thing

Sunday, April 07, 2002

i am all humoured with kiri posting under leon lol who is non existant.


camp/conference was fun!

mad props to mr p for forcing me to go.. or something.. ok.. for... "providing me with the information" he would never violate any civil rights.. or student rights.. NEVER.


hehehe. nonono.

i'm joking (or am i??)

woaaah. so tired from camp. i will give an update about the whole scaddale of what happened and what the conference was about and blah blah blah blah blah. but now. it's time to drink tomatoe juice and study for history.
Hey Everyone,
What's up? I hate homework. I hate school. I HATE BEYOND HATE I.B. So yeah anywhooo...Sally's gone :'( She'll be back sometime tonight. I was supposed to go with her to the confrence but I got strep throat. Frickin'. I hope she's having as much fun as I am doing hmwk, haha. Teachers are evil. Hmm, three people joined Politika recently, we're a growin'. Um, yeah, so, force people to join, haha. I updated that part of the site. I don't think anything else has. Whatever. School sucks. I wanna go see Lifehouse...::prances:: Um, I'm bored and I think that I'll shut-up now. (It's a miricle!)
1/3 of Leon
(guess who??)

Thursday, April 04, 2002

french orals tomorrow. sally goes crazy!


anyway, i had this huge fecking thing typed up.. but like.. yeah.. my computer crashed like the mofo it is and now i've lost it

basically my topic(for french) is about new age 21st century activism and how activists and their causes have been degraded due to the oncoming stream of pop-culture kiddies who follow blindly into the issue without ever really understanding it.

i question whether it's because throughout the past youth have been generally selfish or rather, society has been extremely selfish (70s and 80s the Me decade and waht have you) but.. are today's youth trying to cover up their self-abosorption (which i have nothing against because selfishness is our human flaw.. we all want to SURVIVE) with support for left-wing issues? does it make them morally responsible individuals? hmm

there are a lot of BAD reasons why people go into left-wing ideologies.. in fact left wing stereotype is rather disturbing, i even find myself looking down on some of them (ooh sally so pretentious) and am quick to anger when i'm accused of the stereotype.

i'm tired now. gah. i think i'm going to do english and finish history homework at the Youth Action Conference that Parker is sending me too. ooh i fell asleep in his class today. i am so hardcore or something.


Sunday, March 31, 2002


just to let everyone know the leon trotsky/official politika account is used for admins to post site related messages/updates/etc. this way it doesn't interfere with regular journal posts. if that makes any sense at all.. hmm..

that is all.. confused? don't be. basically 3 people make up leon trotsky. wow. weirdness. questions? email them to us!
Leon/Wyvern, I feel your pain ;). I think some teachers need a little smacky smacky. I am tired as well, as all my evil friends decided to be evil and throw me a surprise party last night. How DARE you all be nice. Anyhoo, aside from that, I am dreading my slavery at the Tomko sweatshopt tomorrow ::cringes in fear:: YAY for cleaning toilets. Maybe I can find one large enough to drown myself in. As far as the historical investigation goes, at least, AT LEAST you know what you're talking about. I don't even know where the hell Germany is on a map. Ach ::insert German expletive here:: At least it's Easter. :D Had to wake up at the unGodly hour of 7:25 today. haha. I will be so unprepared for the real world. For some odd reason, the Easter Bunny has a strong resemblence to my father. I think something fishy may be going on... (wink wink) It's like I'm blonde or something. Sally, you know the feeling. It's like living in a shanti above a store in Vancouver, hmm?
due to popular demands for an LJ, i've set up a blog for politika to use, i realise it's not AS nice as livejournal but.. god.. to establish my own livejournal server.. that's just.. INSANE. this will have to do for now...

god i'm tired. i have far too much history homework and am already panicing about the upcoming historical investigation alongside with my english link essay. my gut instinct tells me to compair othello with the outsider simply because i dislike nora and a dolls house very very much. i've slept for 10 hours last night, i don't think i've ever slept that long in a very long time. everything is sort of crumbling down right now, academically speaking of course, but after friday.. it should all be better.. hopefully.. as soon as my french oral is done.. god.. i'm sooo scared about my french oral. scared shitless actually.

"i can't think cos i'm just waay too tired" - julian casablancas, the strokes

BCYP garage sale was somewhat successful, i'm extremely happy with my purchase of great 20th century poets and poetics for only 50cents.. yay! i wandered W 4th all the way down to Mcbride Park.. it was quite the walk.. i want to head down to central library but it's closed for easter.. ugh. need.. must.. finish.. history.. homework..


i'm thinking of giving up on my LJ and using this instead.. since i hardly write in my livejournal anymore anyway.. i find LJ has become less personal, more random, i can't express myself on it anymore. it's.. hmm... different..

Friday, March 29, 2002

this is just a test. i have no idea how to use this.